what are polystyrene balls used for!
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When you know that you have a material at hand which can be molded into different shapes and is formed in various sizes; you would love to use it for different purposes, right? Same is the case with these tiny but multipurpose polystyrene ball large. They are formed in whatever shape you like after going through the molding process.

Uses of the polystyrene balls:

· The most common use of the balls is as a filling material. Do you in what things are these balls filled to make them more comfortable? They are filled in beanbags, small foot bags, pillows, cushions and also in the stuff toys and small cushions children love to play with.

· As these balls can be molded, they are used to make polystyrene insulation sheets. This new material obtained is known to be used for making packaging boxes. You can pack food in it as well as any other valuable material. When it comes to shipping the material, this newly formed foam allows the delicate and valuable material to be shipped off easily.

· Another interesting use of polystyrene beans is as a mosquito repellent.

· Its use for wall cavity insulation in the office buildings and house is quite popular.

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